Why do so many companies attend RFID journal events? Here is what they have to say!

"I have to complement how well the show was organized and, as a first-time participant, how much knowledge I gained, both empirical and practical, regarding best practices. Having an industry resource such as RFID Journal LIVE! is invaluable. Thank you very much!"
- Alex Albert, Director of Supply Chain, Manhattan Beachwear Inc.

"Retailers have realized that if you are going to be around in five years, you will be using RFID. You can’t start five years from now because you won’t be around."
- Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Provost and Vice President, Auburn University

"The technology works. The real secret sauce is how you use the data. It’s all about making smarter decisions faster."
- Kevin O’Dare, Target

"We're transitioning our inventory from bar codes to RFID tags, and the RFID Journal LIVE! conference put us on the right track by connecting me with potential vendors and expanding my understanding of the subject matter via informative case studies. The event was well-organized and the free concierge service enabled me to make the most of my time there, making the event a very worthwhile investment. Mark Roberti is a great resource. If RFID is on your roadmap, I highly recommend seeking him out."
- Michael Cramer, Adagio Teas

"[RFID Journal events] have done volumes for my continued education and ability to bring worth-while applications back to my company."
- Kirk Zauderer, Manager, Manheim

"Often, conference seminars are merely marketing opportunities for sponsors and uninspiring. This environment provided a truly value-added educatory experience."
- Paul Dolnick, President, Growth Management Services

"This is my third RFID Journal event. My favorite part is the conference seminars, where you really get to understand how RFID is used for value rather than just talk about the tags."
- Floris Kleijn, CHEP

"The discussions and vendor presentations open up many applications for our industry. There are always new ways presented to solve many of the same issues we face."
- Steve Luhnow


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