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As a leading technology provider for this New Era in Retailing, SML is a trusted RFID solutions partner to the world’s largest retailers and top fashion brands.  RFID solutions from SML deliver proven results and rapid ROI’s.   SML brings the industry’s broadest set of RFID offerings from cost effective high performance RFID tags and global network of encoding solutions to enterprise-class RFID software applications for retails stores and distribution centers.  SML’s RFID software application suite, Clarity™, is the technology behind some of the most successful retail deployments of RFID in the world. For more information about any of our RFID tag or software solutions visit our SML-RFID website at www.sml-rfid.com or reach out to us at info@sml-rfid.com.

Zebra Technologies Corp.
A global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra offers technologies that illuminate organizations’ operational events involving their assets, people and transactions, allowing them to see opportunities to create new value. We call it the Visible Value Chain. Zebra’s extensive portfolio of marking and printing technologies, including bar code, RFID, GPS and sensoring, turns the physical into the digital to give operational events a virtual voice. This enables organizations to know in real time the location, condition, timing and accuracy of the events occurring throughout their value chain. Once the events are seen, organizations can create new value from what is already there.


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