RFID in Retail and Apparel

October 3, 2018

Opening Remarks
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

Resistance is Futile: Embracing the Inevitable Use of RFID in Apparel Retail
The widespread use of RFID in apparel retail now appears inevitable.  Consumer demand for a true omnichannel experience has pushed retailers and brand owners to examine their abilities to deliver on an anywhere, anytime promise.  In this session, Bill Hardgrave will review the events leading up to the current utilization of RFID and discuss the path forward for those just getting started or in the early stages of adopting RFID.  Drawing on several years of experience working with a variety of companies, Dr. Hardgrave will delve into best practices for deploying RFID efficiently and effectively and, conversely, the traps to avoid. 
Speaker: Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Provost and Vice President, Auburn University


Using RFID to Prevent Theft and Counterfeiting
Best-selling branded memory supplement Prevagen is using RFID technology to protect their business model, brand integrity and consumers. Quincy Bioscience, the biotechnology company responsible for Prevagen, has implemented a tracking system which can effectively monitor and track their goods. Learn how the firm is successfully using RFID to combat theft, as well as helping it identify and eliminate gray market sales.
Speaker: Dakota Miller, Director of Loss Control Investigations, Quincy Bioscience

Networking Break in Exhibit Room

EPC-enabled RFID Usage and Data Exchange: GS1 US and Auburn University Update
Brands and retailers are benefiting from accurate order shipments, better store level execution, and item level product insights, enabled by EPC Item Level RFID tagging of products. With the increased sophistication of RFID equipment, EPC-enabled items are being captured and that data is being leveraged to improve the Inbound Receipt, Pick/Pack and Outbound Accuracy of goods moving through the distribution centers in an automated manner. This session will explore the levels of RFID adoption in the supply chain today and discuss the Auburn University research paper - Project Zipper. Learn how the paper focused on the brand owner’s return on investment and value of EPC/RFID tagged items—from point of tagging to point of receipt to point of sale—and gain an understanding of the value of data collection throughout the supply chain.
Speakers: Justin Patton, Director, RFID Center, Auburn University; Patrick Javick, Sr. Director – Industry Development and Solution Partner, GS1 

Solution Provider Session: Avery Dennison 
RFID in Retail: Where the Benefits Are
RFID technology can be used for daily cycle counts, replenishment, promotions management, customer engagement and other in-store applications, while delivering value to retailers and brand owners. The panelists will address how they are using RFID to achieve operational benefits and lessons learned from their deployments. 
Moderator: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Panelists: Kevin O'Dare, Lead Business Partner, Inventory Management, Store Operations, Target, 
Rich Haig, CIO/CTO, Herman Kay Co.


Lunch in Exhibit Room

Understanding the Many Benefits of RFID—and the Human Dimension
Retailers can use RFID in many different ways – to enable omnichannel retailing, enhance the customer experience, enable visual merchandising, improve store efficiency and more. How do retailers prioritize which applications to tackle first? And how do they approach various RFID use cases to get the best results. In this interview-style session, you will hear from a store operations expert with hands-on experience about how to streamline data and standardizing operating practices to pave the way for a successful RFID rollout. Learn how RFID changes store operations and impacts employees, and get answers to your own questions about deploying RFID in stores.
Moderator: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal 
Speaker: Kristen Munroe, Store Operations Lead, Ralph Lauren North America, Consulting

Measuring the Impact of RFID in Retailing: Key Lessons from 10 Case-Study Companies
A recent study involving 10 retailers that launched their RFID programs to improve inventory accuracy indicated that they gained a return on their investment and that the deployment was fully justified. The study found that companies using RFID, on average, improved their inventory accuracy from between 65 and 75 percent to between 93 and 99 percent. As a result, stock availability rose to approximately 90 percent. Learn how the study participants might use the technology in the future, including RFID for fitting rooms, broadening the technology's use in the supply chain and furthering integration with existing management software.
Speaker: Adrian Beck, Emeritus Professor, University of Leicester

Networking Break in Exhibit Room

Herman Kay Uses RFID to Track and Improve Garment Production
Herman Kay, a manufacturer of coats and outerwear for women and men, has deployed an RFID-based tracking system that is leading to measurable improvements in its operations. The company markets its products under Michael Kors, Anne Klein and other brand names. Learn how the data characterizing each garment is associated with its electronic RFID tag, enabling the firm to make sure orders are correctly packaged and shipped to customers. Hear how the technology can be used in the future, from warehouse to shipping dock.
Speaker: Rich Haig, CIO/CTO, Herman Kay Co.


RFID: The Foundation for Digital Retail Transformation 
To be truly omnichannel and adaptable to rapid changes in how consumers shop, retailers must undergo a digital transformation. But what does that mean? And how do retailers go about undertaking these changes? This session will explain why retailers need to transform, which technologies they need to adopt and the steps they need to take to get there. You will learn why RFID is the foundation for this transformation and how it needs to mesh with other technologies to achieve true digital transformation.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

Conference Concludes


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