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Tuesday, June 25

Doug Stephens, The Retail Prophet

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Vista S406A

The Future of Retail in a Post-Digital World
Join Author and internationally renowned consumer futurist Doug Stephens for an amazing tour of the future, where every aspect of the retail experience as we know it will be radically transformed. From online and virtual technology to 3D printing and the internet-of-things, shopping is being redefined.


Wednesday, June 26
Andy Dunn, Senior Vice President of Digital Consumer Brands
Room: Arie Crown Theater
8:30 - 9:00 AM

Hitching a Rocket to an Engine, Bonobos and Walmart Take Off
Direct-to-consumer brands, born online, are shaking up traditional retail—and forward-thinking traditional retailers are embracing the new model. Andy Dunn, formerly CEO of men’s apparel retailer Bonobos and now senior vice president of digital consumer brands at Walmart, will share how the key to unlocking the full potential of these digital brands may actually require physical stores. Bonobos, which Dunn co-founded in 2007 right out of the Stanford graduate school of business and sold to Walmart a decade later, stars in a portfolio of brands acquired and incubated by Walmart as an investment in its digital future. You’ll learn why digital brands are growing at nearly triple the rate of e-commerce overall and why Dunn believes the future of retail is beginning to resemble the history of video.

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Wednesday, June 26
Chip Conley, Strategic Advisor of Airbnb
Room: Arie Crown Theater
9:00 - 9:30 AM

Inter-Generational: Leveraging the Power of a New Workplace Diversity
In an age where workplaces may span up to five generations and a broad set of skills, entrepreneur, bestselling author and hospitality industry giant Chip Conley, has the unique experience of leadership positions across the continuum. Conley founded boutique hotel group Joie de Vivre Hotels at the age of 26 and was its CEO for the next 24 years until selling the company in 2010. In 2013, he joined Airbnb as head of global hospitality and strategy when he was sought out by the company’s Millennial CEO and co-founder for guidance in growing the fledgling enterprise. With deep industry expertise, but without the digital skills of his new peers, he entered a tech-savvy company whose leaders wanted access to something they didn’t yet have: the wisdom and critical judgement of long experience. With Conley and his new bosses open to each other’s wisdom—and both filling the roles of teacher and mentor as well as learner and student—they found a model of collaboration that helped power the company to new heights and into more than 200 countries across the globe. Today, Conley serves as Airbnb’s strategic advisor for hospitality and leadership and is the founder of the world’s first midlife wisdom school, The Modern Elder Academy. Through his books, appearances and educational forums, his mission clarifies for business leaders of all ages why the intergenerational exchange of wisdom and skills is key to the success of the modern workplace and our society.


Thursday, June 27
Susan Tynan, CEO & Founder of Framebridge
Room: Arie Crown Theater
8:15 - 8:45 AM

Five Years In: What I've Learned About Building a 21st Century Retailer
A few years ago, Susan Tynan framed four National Parks posters. When they rang up at $1600, she funneled her sticker shock into a revolutionary idea. She felt sure that if someone made high-quality custom framing easy and affordable, people would frame a lot more—and they have. Since 2014, Tynan has grown Framebridge from the ground up. Prior to Framebridge, Tynan held product and business development roles at several consumer technology startups including LivingSocial, Taxi Magic, and Revolution Health. She began her career at Accenture and served as a management advisor on technology and customer service for the Obama White House. Tynan is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard Business School. FundraisingFramebridge has raised over $67M in venture financing from T. Rowe Price, New Enterprise Associates, Revolution Ventures, SWaN & Legend, Crate and Barrel Co-Founder Gordon Segal, Co-Founder and former CEO of LivingSocial Tim O’Shaughnessy, and former President and COO of Rent the Runway Beth Kaplan. Leading custom framing e-retailer through its first five years presented a lot of challenges for founder and CEO Susan Tynan, but her north star has been her relentless focus on the customer. Tynan will share how putting the customer first allowed her to successfully lead Framebridge through intense sales growth, refine her pitches to investors and single-handedly expand the market for custom framing in the U.S. Customer-centricity, Tynan says, will also help her lead Framebridge through its next growth stages, which include an entrance into bricks-and-mortar retail and more. Both a look back and a look ahead, Susan will share the lessons she’s learned as a leader of a high-growth startup and what’s ahead for her company.


Thursday, June 27
Dan Alarik, CEO & Founder, Grunt Style
Room: Arie Crown Theater
8:45 - 9:15 AM

True Grit: A Warriors’ Mettle Builds an Ecommerce Brand
Unstoppable, hardy and hyper-focused on the mission. The words that could describe a top-grade U.S. soldier also could describe a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. Ex-U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Dan Alarik is the founder and CEO of GruntStyle, the leading online patriotic lifestyle retailer, which is wrapped around the concept of a brand for a new class of warriors—first-responders, military veterans and their friends and family. Alarik applied his personal experience and the values of his military career to launching his e-commerce company in 2009 as a classic startup story, selling patriotic T-shirts out of his car. Powering through setbacks that can befall any new business, Alarik’s determination and ability to learn fast and correct course were rewarded with increasing success. Today, GruntStyle has a loyal customer base and some 2 million followers on social media, bringing in sales of $100 million over the past three years. Alarik will share inspiring proof of how grit, determination and the willingness to take risks is the starting point for success in today’s challenging yet opportunity-filled online retail environment.

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